Worried about that niggling injury that might halter your season or are you in desperate need to address those flexibility, posture and balance concerns?

Penrith Emus Rugby Club’s first choice for Physiotherapy and Massage is Jeffery Yuen from the Nepean Physiotherapy Hydrotherapy Centre. Jeffery is the offical Physiotherapist for your Penrith Emus for the 2017 season.

Jeffery is dedicated to producing quality physiotherapy care to ensure he can keep you on the field for the mighty Emus for the 2017 season. He will be addressing any musculoskeletal or postural concerns you might have.

Using our unique Total Care Philosophy Framework, Jeffery will assess, diagnose and treat you with a program tailored to your own injury journey with plenty of communication the entire way through.

Jeffery's priority at the end of the day for all of the Penrith Emus Rugby Club players will be to get you back on the field, feeling stronger, pain free and either scoring or stopping try's for the mighty Emus.

Book Online Today With Jeffery

Using only one of the three exclusive Penrith Emus Rugby Club member offers, we are excited to give our Penrith Emus Rugby Club Members & Players the opportunity to choose from an initial 50% discount off Physio or Massage with Jeffery. In addition, all Penrith Emus Rugby Club Members & Players will receive a continual 10% discount off all ongoing physiotherapy services at the Nepean Physiotherapy & Hydrotherapy Centre.

Quote one of the three coupon codes below when booking online in the Comments / Message section or over the phone to secure this amazing offer only for Penrith Emu Members & Players.

10% All Physio Services: EMUPHYSIO
Intial Massage Code: EMU50MASSAGE
Intial Physio Code: EMU50PHYSIO

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday
8am - 7pm.

It is that easy! Make sure you bring along your Penrith Emus Rugby Club Membership card on the day of the appointment to validate your offer.

We can’t wait to see you in our clinic for your first appointment with Jeffery.

As apart of being the offical Penrith Emu's Physiotherapist for the 2017 season, Jeffery has had advanced private practice physio training, which includes:

  • Complicated surgical procedures
  • Shoulder and Hand Rehabilitation
  • Lower Back and Neck dysfunctions
  • Sports rehabilitation
  • Core stability programs
  • Much more


Jeffery's Bio

Jeffery Yuen BappSc (Ex&SpSc), DPT

Jeffery is an enthusiastic practitioner who completed his Doctor of Physiotherapy degree with a background in Exercise and Sport Science. His keen interest and knowledge with musculoskeletal and sports injuries have been developed and fostered through his work with various sporting teams and athletes. He aims to provide the best service possible by adopting a holistic approach which ensures the satisfaction of every patient he sees.


Jeffery and the Nepean Physiotherapy Hydrotherapy Centre has a unique set of client standards to put you first every time.

  • Professional and friendly staff committed to the clients needs, trained in excellence in communication and client handling.
  • Convenient location at 36 Station St, Engadine NSW 2150
  • Extended opening hours from 8am until 7pm five days per week.
  • Total Care Philosophy is at the core of our model, which will ensure long term results, reduced re injury rates and better client/therapist communication
  • Results based treatment techniques. Our therapists are trained not to do anything that hasn’t either been proven to work effectively, or hasn’t worked for you.
  • Services include; Physiotherapy, Massage, and Acupuncture

With these standards, you can be rest assured that you are receiving quality care.


Is Nepean Physiotherapy Hydrotherapy Centre just that little bit too far away for your appointment? Well there is no need experience the disappointment of missing out . With 4 other Clinics to choose from in Western Sydney for Penrith Emu Members & Players, there is a clinic close to everyone! Book online today!

Nepean Physiotherapy Hydrotherapy Centre conveniently services the following suburbs:

South Penrith
Orchard Hills
Glenmore Park
Emu Plains
Emu Heights