Do I need a referral?
No, you do not need a referral to come to physio. We are primary care practitioners and are able to take the common man "off the street" so to speak.
What are your opening hours?
8am-7pm Monday to Friday. Some therapists may choose to work on Saturdays; however the extended opening hours during the week are normally suffice to see all of our clients.
Does Physiotherapy hurt?
Some treatments do cause pain, but when they are used, the old saying "no pain no gain" certainly rhymes true. The therapist will make sure you are always comfortable in the session and you will never have anything performed on you that you are unsure about.
Do you do casting for fractures?
We most certainly do! Most of our practitioners have been trained in expert casting of fractures both simple and complex. We are able to provide anything from simple splints to waterproof casts.
Do you bulk bill for Medicare?
Medicare subsidies are available for physiotherapy. This is done through your GP and only applies to persons whom are eligible. If you are unsure, call our office to talk to our admin staff to discuss your circumstances. Medicare can provide up to 5 sessions per year of physio services for eligible patients.
I am a DVA card holder, do I get physio?
If you are a GOLD card holder, then physio may be provided to you on referral from your doctor. Call us today if you need to contact a GP that may help.
Do you treat feet?
Yes. Our therapists are expertly trained to diagnose and treat problems with the feet. They will look at not only the foot, but the knee, hips and back to ascertain where the problem is coming from. We also provide orthotics in extreme circumstances.
I need my back ‘cracked' do I see a physio or chiro?
Manipulation, or the ‘crack' you feel in your spine can be done by chiropractors or physio's. It is a treatment technique that is part of a whole management process to deal with the dysfunction of a joint, whether it be in your back or somewhere else such as your ankle. It can be addictive and should only be used as a small part of the overall management of injury.
How much do I get back from my health fund?
That depends on the level of cover, but generally most funds provide around 50% coverage.