Every time you come to see us at Greater West, you will be asked if you would like to receive a FUND MY SPORTS CLUB dollar. These dollars are collected by your sporting clubs throughout the season, whereby they are able to cash them in with Greater West Physio Group for MEDICAL SUPPLIES and SPORTS. These vital parts of a sporting club kit are often kept out of date or worse, EMPTY!

The program is aimed at returning to the communities that help us, and helping to keep them safe! 

The team that cashes in the largest amount of FUND MY CLUB DOLLARS at eh end of the calendar year will also receive a FREE TRAINING DAY run by one of our physiotherapists, aimed at educating and empowering your clubs coaches and trainers to more effectively manage injury.

How can I get my Club involved?

We try to enrol as many clubs as we can on the program. Application is quick and simple. They just need to register their details and representative via our website. You can go to the application form below.

It would be handy to forward this email onto your clubs representative, president or secretary. We handle the rest.

Can my School Participate?

Absolutely, any school or group can participate in the program to attain quality medical supplies and health equipment. Talk to your school today about becoming part of the program.

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