Pilates for Pregnancy

Friday, November 17, 2017

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful miracles, however, for a healthy pregnancy, it is necessary to prep the body for caring and nourishing the child that is growing. Body preparation is also quite an important thing to take care of during pregnancy because the body is going through several hormonal and anatomical changes in that period.

Recommended exercises for pregnant women

The exercises that are recommended for women who are pregnant are not of the same intensity as the exercises for someone who is not going through such intense bodily changes. They are required to do moderately intensive exercises. Extreme care needs to be taken in regard to the exercises during the 2nd and 3rd trimester because that is the most crucial time for changes in the body to occur. Moreover, some exercises like deep water exercises are off-limits because they can cause harm to the fetus.

The best-recommended exercises for pregnant women are those which do not involve any sort of weights. So keeping that in mind exercises like cycling and swimming are perfect.

Importance of postural exercises during pregnancy

During pregnancy, paying proper attention to maintaining a good posture plays a very important role in helping women have a healthier, relatively easier pregnancy. This is because a good posture contributes to the improvement of energy levels as the body goes through the necessary changes by ensuring a better alignment, stress relief, and lesser strained muscles.

The best way to achieve an improved body posture is to follow Pilate’s exercises regularly. Practicing Pilates is beneficial for the women going through pregnancies as it specifically focuses on the muscles that are responsible for the posture of the body. Another added benefit of Pilates for pregnancy is that the muscles that it focuses on for posture improvement are very crucial in helping women go through a healthy pregnancy. Those muscles are responsible for opening up the chest, focusing on strengthening of thoracic extensors and abdominals.

How does exercising help with pregnancy?

First and foremost, if you do decide to exercise during pregnancy then it is very important to make certain that the exercises are safe to carry out while you are pregnant. Secondly, the exercises should be effective enough so they help with what they are actually meant for; decreasing occurrence and frequency of pains, minimizing problems that arise during the pregnancy period.

For a pregnant woman, it is a top priority to stabilize the core as it is something that has to bear most of the bodily changes such as being able to maintain a better balance as changes in weight distribution in the body occur. A stronger, more stable core will allow in shifting excess pressure of the weight on joints and bones. The responsibility of better core strength is attributed to the pelvic muscles, diaphragm, and the rib cage. The best way to guarantee a better performance by your body’s core during pregnancy is to adopt Pilates which is highly effective in this situation and has really proved to be very helpful for pregnant women to deal with their pregnancies.

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