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The glamour of sport is not without its risks – with most of our favorite athletes getting injured at one time or the other in their sporting career. In fact, injuries are accepted as part of modern sport. But the thing with injuries is: they’re not restricted to professional sport people only; you’re also prone to getting injured as well.

This brings us to the crux of this article – highlighting common sporting injuries and how to prevent them.  Read on to find out…

Achilles Tenditis

This injury is the bane of most runners and athletes participating in sports that involve jumping or running. It occurs when the tendon at the back of the ankle is over stretched resulting in swelling and pain. This can degenerate into chronic injury with the resultant difficulty in running.

Prevention and treatment

It is advised that you warm up before any sporting activities or workout – stretching and strengthening calf muscles is recommended. In case of an injury, your best option is the RICE treatment which involves Resting, icing, compression, and elevation, using anti-inflammatory medication, and calf strengthening trainings.

It is important you rest until the injury heals; else you run the risk of aggravating it.

Groin pull

A strained groin muscle occurs when the fan-like muscles around the groin area including the inner thigh are strained due to a sudden change in direction. This is common among sporting activities such as football, hockey, soccer, etc.

The symptoms include a sharp pain around the groin area, bruising of the inner thighs, and inflammation when left untreated.

Prevention and treatment

The truth is most sporting injuries can be avoided with proper stretching and warm up activities before engaging in high intensity activities. To treat groin strain the best treatment plan is the combination of RICE, anti-inflammatory medication. With a gradual easing back into strenuous activities.


A very painful injury that occurs when the muscles at the back of the thighs are pulled. This is usually caused as a result of improper warm up, inflexibility, and fatigue and it common among athletes participating in sports involving jogging, running and jumping.

Prevention and Treatment

Ensure you undergo proper warm up – stretching out every muscle which allows for adequate blood circulation and improving their flexibility. Resting, icing, compression and use of anti-inflammatory drugs are the usual treatment for hamstring injuries. Care should be taken to avoid starting strenuous activities till the injury has completely healed.

Runner’s Knee

Over 55 percent of all sporting injuries involve the runner’s knee making it the most common injury sporting people face. This injury is a grouping of most injuries around the knee and knee cap which include: torn ligaments and cartilages, aches and pains around the knee cap. This is caused by the irritation of tendon behind the knee and the continua rubbing of the knee cap with the leg bone.

Prevention and Treatment

Change worn shoes and insoles, ensure to run on softer surface rather than hard pavement when possible and exercise your quadriceps to strengthen them. Make sure to rest plentifully after training and interchange workout routines to prevent wear.

In case of injury, take at least two day rest, take inflammatory drugs and gently ease yourself back into training.
Conclusively, most of sporting injuries are caused by inadequate warm up. Hence to prevent injuries it is important to engage in proper pre-workout exercise.

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