Physio INQ is part of a network of Physio clinics across Australia, employing and empowering the highest quality of practical and support staff

We are a cutting edge business of superb ethical standards, striving to be the most professional and personal health care business you will come across.

Physio INQ, originally Greater West Physio was established to get rid of the old school and bring in the new. Our practitioners have open minds, strong hands and an unwavering goal to improve the lives of every client we come across. Our mission is simple- to bring quality health care to the common man in a way that is personable, professional and memorable.

Through the utilization of our Unique Total Care Philosophy Framework, through to the efficient and clean paperless offices we are driving, to the embracement of the digital age with online bookings, exercise prescription and more, Physio INQ is moving with you.

Focusing on the family unit, we have developed a training program of our staff to be better communicators and mediators of health. Our aim is to have a completely open and transparent health relationship with all of our clients from day one.

Every clinic is run by locals for locals. Being Powered By Physio INQ is a sign of corporate care. We train, cultivate and embrace only the brightest local talents and aim to deliver our service with a strong community focus.

Explore What Our Total Care Philosophy Means to You