Are you looking for an Experienced NDIS Physiotherapy & Allied Healthcare Provider? Developing a vibrant long term relationship is key.

Nepean Physiotherapy Hydrotherapy Centre is a fully accredited NDIS Physiotherapy practice that commits to the wellbeing of their clients with disabilities. Our therapists are warm, welcoming and are especially focused on communication, care and understanding in the pursuit of your goals. The National Disability Insurance Scheme was developed to provide long term care, and our health care professionals share the same goal.

We have a team of highly trained Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Podiatrists, NDIS Plan Managers and Support Coordinators who may be utilized depending on your personal needs.

As part of our commitment and responsibility to clients and families we have a dedicated Mobile & Community Physiotherapy & Allied Healthcare team to assist any NDIS participant. We provide home or in clinic visits. Whatever is the most comfortable or suitable for you and your family, we will happily oblige to meet your needs.

Services that we are able to provide to NDIS clients seeking assistive treatment include;

Where to from here?

We have made it smooth and straightforward for you to access our NDIS services. Thankfully our team of dedicated and experienced support co-ordinators from our mobile + community team have a special touch to make the navigating of this mine field one where you will have your hand held all along the way. Our personable crew of amazing support staff work closely with you to solve your daily struggles with anything and everything to do with your life and disability.

Accessing NDIS Physio services doesn’t need be a complex and stressful experience. We take on the pre-planning, support coordination and the service intermediary aspects for every one of our NDIS participants. There’s no one size fits all approach with the NDIS. Hence why we have a dedicated team of NDIS Case Managers on board to support you through your NDIS journey, no matter what part of the NDIS journey you are on. Download your copy to find how easy it is at Nepean Physiotherapy Hydrotherapy Centre to access NDIS physio services.

NDIS Participant Testimonials

Tara Inia,

Boston Inias Mother

Jemma and the NDIS Support team have helped our family with advocacy through the Pre-Planning stages of our Son Boston's NDIS funding. Boston is our youngest Son of four, so to have someone with the knowledge Jemma has to guide us through the process was amazing and we are very happy she is doing the Support Coordination for Boston to make sure he has the best!

Jemma Grunsell–Kerr

My Daughter was one of the first participants that received an NDIS Plan in 2015. Since then I have made it my assignment to learn as much about the NDIS as I can, so that I am able to advocate for her needs appropriately. I was lucky enough to have that desire matched by Nepean Physiotherapy Hydrotherapy Centre. We have developed something I am extremely proud of because it allows me to be a part of other people's journeys within the Disability world through the many different services we provide and it is something I am so grateful for and be a part of.

I spend my days busy, but fulfilled because all of my clients are different in their own unique situations. Not many people can say that they usually have at least one inspiring moment a day. The adaptation of those who face personal difficulties is something I honestly witness in amazement and I have been humbled to know that those assumptions we might conjure, do not always match up with the actual capabilities of some people with Disabilities. I love each day and every challenge it brings. I am blessed to have had a Daughter that has opened my eyes to this wonderful world and double as lucky, to have been welcomed into the lives of some truly extraordinary people that I help and in return help me to remember the most important things in life, family.

Our team will provide assistance to strengthen your participant’s abilities to coordinate supports & participate in the community. This includes resolving points of crisis, developing capacity & resilience in a participant's network & coordinating supports from a range of sources.

They work right around the clock and are on standby to take any of your pending enquires. Please contact them on 1300 731 733 OR today.

Our NDIS Client & Service Standards

Our Mobile + Community team has a unique set of client standards to put you first every time.

  1. We place communication as our number one priority
  2. We will be friendly, professional and courteous clinicians
  3. We will be on time, every time
  4. We will make your treatment comfortable, enjoyable and memorable

With these standards, you can be rest assured that you are receiving quality physio care.

Our NDIS Support Team

Meet some of our dedicated NDIS support staff

Irene Georgakopoulos

Physio Inq Mobile + Community, General Manager & Founder

Emily Mc Keown

NDIS Specialist Support Coordination

Jasmine Grewal

Associate Mobile Physiotherapist

Glenn Smith

Associate Mobile Physiotherapist

Melinda Robinson

Occupational Therapist

Stephanie Gaynor

NDIS Support Coordinator

Jemma Grunsell-Kerr

General Manager - NDIS Support Coordination

Sonya Kelly

Mobile Exercise Physiologist

Our Mobile + Community team has a unique set of client standards to put you first every time.

  • We place communication as our number one priority
  • We will be friendly, professional and courteous clinicians
  • We will be on time, every time
  • We will be hands on in your care
  • We will treat you one on one and won’t double handle

With these standards, you can be rest assured that you are receiving quality physiotherapy care.

Contact us today to make an enquiry or an appointment

  1. Head Office: Ground Level, Suite 7/9 Middlemiss St, Lavender Bay NSW
  2. Phone: 1300 731 733
  3. Email:
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  5.   physioinq_mobilecommunity
  6.   Physio INQ Academy

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